My interest in culture goes back to my earliest adulthood.

In being born to expatriate parents in the Middle East, and leaving home at the age of 14 to study at an international boarding school in the UK, I gained an early understanding of how perspectives are shaped by culture, and how misunderstanding or ignorance of the cultural causes of these perspectives can lead to disharmony and conflict.
This helped shape my cultural orientation and as a result, my choice of research during my postgraduate studies (influence of culture on British organizations operating in Saudi Arabia, 1993).
The above, followed by over 20 years of varied international experience, starting as a production engineer within a manufacturing group in the Middle East, and later joining an international project management consultancy based in the US and the UK, have allowed me to practically implement culture theories in the multicultural environments I work with; achieving harmony amongst diversity, and as a result, higher efficiency and satisfaction for all involved.
Today, I have refined and structured my approach to managing diversity; as to better help my clients achieve cultural harmony, efficiency and stakeholders’ satisfaction.
My first book "Culture and Project Management" was published by Gower in April 2015.
Managed with cultural awareness, diversity becomes an opportunity right within your reach.
Left to its own devices or unskillfully managed, it turns into a threat.
Omar Zein
Project Management Consultant

Culture and Diversity Consultant

Why Culture?

What I can offer your organization

My new book

Simply because we define what is acceptable and what is not, what is desirable and what is not, what is appropriate and what is not on the basis of culture; and this has implications that go far beyond social pleasantries and etiquette, impacting every aspect of our life including work. read more...
Seminars  - becoming aware of cultural opportunities and threats 
Workshops  - learning to exploit opportunities and mitigate threats ​
Consultancy  - working together to put theory in practice; exploiting opportunities and mitigating threats ​

"this is probably one of the most accessible and practical books available, which defines and articulates cultural aspects from a pragmatic and embracing perspective."   read more...
Project Magazine, Association of Project Managers (APM)