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Management Consultant
Buckinghamshire, UK (although most of the year is spent travelling for work; especially Italy)
I was born to Syrian expatriates in Saudi Arabia, where I resided until the age of 14 before moving to the UK to study at an international boarding college near Shrewsbury. This multicultural background shaped my predisposition to understand - and sometimes empathize with - the various cultural and social perspectives.

After college, I studied at London City University (BEng in Mechanical Engineering), then Leeds University (MSc in Metallurgy), then Exeter University (MBA in International Management). In 1995 I moved to Syria to help during the setup a of a ‘family and partners’ business (Agricultural Irrigation Systems). I returned to the UK in 1997.

Since 1998 I have been working as an international management consultant , largely within the Financial and Automotive sectors; delivering complex turnkey projects and/or establishing project management offices (PMO).
In 2003 I started delivering seminars and workshops in the fields of project and program management.
In 2012 and as a combined outcome of my personal, academic and professional background I started training and consulting in the field of “intercultural management”.

I have published a number of papers and articles . Particularly, on project management and on the influence of diversity and national cultures on working practices and perceptions. Last year, my book “ Culture and Project Management ” was published by Gower.

Professionally, nothing gives me more satisfaction than the challenge of being immersed in a chaotic situation or environment, and tasked with bringing a commonly understood and accepted order, with the aim of either delivery or establishing a better organization overall. Or, when providing interactive seminars and workshops to experienced practitioners; who’s own contributions constitute a fundemental value of the event itself.

Personally, I love nature and nature sports. Mountaineering, ski mountaineering and sailing are my passions; as well as reading, traveling and discovering novelty through socializing.

  • Culture and diversity expertise
  • Project management expertise
  • Management consultant since 1998
  • ​Trainer and seminar speaker since 2003
  • Author of 'Culture and Project Management', 2015 Gower
  • Started career as prodution engineer in 1995
  • BEng, MSc, MBA, Prince2 Practitioner and MSP Practitioner
  • Member of the Association of Project Managers (MAPM)


Why Culture?

What I can offer your organization

My new book

Simply because we define what is acceptable and what is not, what is desirable and what is not, what is appropriate and what is not on the basis of culture; and this has implications that go far beyond social pleasantries and etiquette, impacting every aspect of our life including work. read more...
Seminars  - becoming aware of cultural opportunities and threats 
Workshops  - learning to exploit opportunities and mitigate threats ​
Consultancy  - working together to put theory in practice; exploiting opportunities and mitigating threats ​

"this is probably one of the most accessible and practical books available, which defines and articulates cultural aspects from a pragmatic and embracing perspective."   read more...
Project Magazine, Association of Project Managers (APM)