​​Organizational Culture Change 

There are two major reasons why an organization may want to change its culture:

  1. There are culturally arising problems that must be solved.
  2. There are new strategic goals which to achieve, require a change of culture.

My approach is to work with you and your change team to define the culture change needs, and devise and implement the best practicable solution to satisfy these needs. 

The main stages in 'cultural awareness and change' are:

  • Define the need for change
  • Identify the cultural makeup of the related environment
  • Identify culturally arising conflicts and threats
  • Identify culturally arising opportunities
  • Identify the ideal culture for the environment
  • Devise a strategy for moving from the current to the ideal culture
  • Plan a step approach to implementing the culture change strategy
  • Review and assess progress at pre-defined interval and tune approach accordingly
  • Regularly follow-up on implementation of change until it is well embedded and stabilized.

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Why Culture?

What I can offer your organization

My new book

Simply because we define what is acceptable and what is not, what is desirable and what is not, what is appropriate and what is not on the basis of culture; and this has implications that go far beyond social pleasantries and etiquette, impacting every aspect of our life including work. read more...
Seminars  - becoming aware of cultural opportunities and threats 
Workshops  - learning to exploit opportunities and mitigate threats ​
Consultancy  - working together to put theory in practice; exploiting opportunities and mitigating threats ​

"this is probably one of the most accessible and practical books available, which defines and articulates cultural aspects from a pragmatic and embracing perspective."   read more...
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